Human Apolipoprotein-B-48 ELISA KIT(AKHB48)

Original reports
#Detection of apolipoprotein B-48 and B-100 carrying particles in lipoprotein fractions extracted from human aortic atherosclerotic plaques in sudden cardiac death cases.
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#ApoB-100 carrying lipoprotein, but not apoB-48, is the major subset of proatherogenic remnant-like lipoprotein particles detected in plasma of sudden cardiac death cases.
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# Omega 3 fatty acids induce a markerd reduction of
apolipoprotein B48 when added to fluvastatin in
patients with type 2 diabetes and mixed hyperlipidemia
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Presentations at scientific meetings
# Concentration of apolipoprotein B48 in fasting serum is an important marker of postprandial hyperlipidemia.
Hirota, D., Kinosita, M., Maeda, T., suda, T., Taki, M., Kusano, J., Takenaka, H., Yoshimura,
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Apolipoprotein(Apo)A-I-and ApoB-Containing Lipoproteins.
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